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Docan Lithium 3.2v 100ah 12v Cells


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  • Model:Docan Lithium 100ah 12v Cells

Item Data information

Model EV 100Ah Battery cell

Real Capacity around 100AH / 320wh

Nominal Voltage 3.2v

Max Discharge Current 1C/ 100A

Max Charge Voltage 3.65v

AC Impedance Resistance ≤0.25mΩ

Charging Temperature -5-60℃

Discharging Temperature -30-60℃

Cycle Life ≥ 4000 times

Weight 5.3kg

Dimensions (L*W*H)  160*116*50mm


Electric Power Systems,Home Appliances, Electric vehicles,Golf carts,electric scooter,electric bicycle,used cars and so on.

To use in 48V system, you need 16pcs 

To use in 24V system, you need 8pcs 

To use in 12V system,you need 4pcs 

1.This item is EV 100Ah, the QR code is intact, Grade A+, Brand new. After our test, the maximum discharge capacity around 110ah.

2.The price includes Bus bars and Bolts

3.The busbars size : 90*20*2mm (cooper plated with nickel) Screw size : M6

4.We will test all the battery Voltage, Internal resistance and capacity before sending!

  • Available from:Wednesday 31 August, 2022
  • Model:Docan Lithium 100ah 12v Cells