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Household Solar Energy 5KW Hybrid Kit


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  • Model:Household Solar Energy 5KW Hybrid Kit
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Here we have a complete house 5kw hybrid system with 5kw battery backup included, meaning you can store and use solar energy through the day, but with the benifit of being able to use the 'stored' energy (batteries) through the night as well! This system is also 'grid' tied so if you use more than 5kw then the extra will come from the grid and you will have to pay for the extra used, in the reverse of that though this setup is completely configurable to put excess power back to the grid as well, so then you get paid!
Whats included, well this is a complete kit for self assembly so doesn't have to be roof mounted, if you have a large enough garden pointing south you won't even need to get the ladders out!

8 x Shingled Solar panels rated 405w x 36v 22% efficient
1 x Hybrid Controller this can be wired by yourself (if competent enough) and just signed off by an electrician 
4 x 250A AGM batteries giving 48v (expandable to whatever you see fit)
2 x 100A Lipo batteries (expandable to whatever you see fit) 
1 x Roof mounting brackets and zebs to fit your panels
1 x 50m of red solar cable with fittings
1 x 50m of black solar cable with fittings

Basically this is an easy to fit kit if your into your DIY then you could have this running in 2 days! Mount your panels, run the wires down to the hybrid controller, controller to batteries and connect up to your consumer electric box, job done and welcome to free energy!
  • Model:Household Solar Energy 5KW Hybrid Kit