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PWM 50A Solar Charge Controller


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  • Model:PWM 50A Solar Charge Controller

Cheap and cheerful but do exactly what they say on the packet, if space is an issue then these are compact and do the job!

Rated charging current: 50a

Rated discharge current: 30a

Solar photovoltaic voltage: 12V battery with 18V solar panel

Full Voltage Value: Lithium Battery (14.2V) | B02 Colloidal Battery (14.2V) | B03 Open Cell (14.6V)

Floating Charge Voltage: 13.7 V (Default, Adjustable)

Discharge cut-off voltage :: 10.7 V (default, adjustable)

Discharge recovery voltage: 12.6 V (default, adjustable)

Standby current: 10mA

USB Output: 5V / 2A MAX

Operating temperature: - 35 - 60

Make sure the battery has enough voltage so that the controller can identify the battery before the first installation.

The solar controller is only suitable for lead-acid batteries, such as open type, AGM, gel, etc.

Not suitable for Ni - MH batteries, Li - ion batteries or other batteries.

  • Model:PWM 50A Solar Charge Controller